Workshop on Critical and collective effects in graphs and networks

Сроки проведения: 25.04.2016-29.04.2016

Срок подачи тезисов: 20.03.2016

Срок окончания подачи заявок на участие: 01.03.2016.

Место проведения: МФТИ (ГУ)

Рабочий язык конференции: английский.


  1. Fundamental problems in network theory:
    • Phase transitions in random graphs and networks
    • Metric-induced topological effects in graphs
    • Graph invariants and comparison of graphs
    • Spectral theory of graphs and networks
  2. Applied problems in graphs and networks:
    • Applications to data analysis and machine learning
    • Applications to socio- and econophysics
    • Applications to biophysics and genomics
    • Applications to climatology, geophysics and engineering
    • Applications to quantum field theory